Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to this website only and to the content within this URL. This website does contain 3rd party advertising and this links to the websites of others. Users should be aware that we have not and cannot verify the content of these websites, their privacy policy or use of your data. You should always be aware of the privacy policy of any website you visit so please get into the habit of checking them – particularly any website where you enter personal information, for example, your name, email and any other personal details. If we update this policy we will post any changes here on this page so that you will always know how we use personal and non personal information that we collect on this website.

How we are collecting your personal information
The simple answer to this is that we do not collect any personal information.

What other information do we collect?
As is routine with most website we collect data on how people use our site through standard web server logs. This tells us the pages that are viewed, the time on different pages, popular pages, entrance and exit pages etc. It allows us to understand the behaviour of people on our website. When this data is looked at for hundreds or thousands of people it gives us a guide as to what is good and bad about our website. This then in turn helps us improve our user experience and gives our website designers something to work on.