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What Could be Better than a New Phone? A Free Laptop Included!

Just browse the web and you’ll see a wealth of mobile phone deals offering free gifts, from a Sony Playstation 3 to a brand new laptop. These deals are a great way to bag yourself a bargain and a new piece of kit to boot, so take a few moments to read our handy guide to a phone and free laptop deal, to see if the offer could be right for you!

What’s the Deal?

There are mobile phone contracts available which offer some of the latest laptops. Here are just a few of the brands of laptop you can currently find on offer:

• Samsung

• Toshiba

• Sony

• Asus

• Acer

• HP

As you can see, these are leading brands and you could save a considerable deal of money by taking out a new pay monthly phone contract with a free laptop included. Carphone Warehouse are just one company currently offering this deal – from around £25 a month you could choose a Samsung smartphone and Toshiba laptop deal on Orange, O2 or Vodafone for great savings!

What’s the Catch?

As with all freebies, many people think there has to be a catch of some kind. With this deal, there is and there isn’t. Whilst you’re getting the laptop for free along with the new phone and contract, you’ll often find that the range of handsets available don’t include the latest models. It’s unlikely you’ll get an iPhone 5 with a laptop on a £20 a month deal. It is possible to find deals with a free laptop that include an iPhone 5 but these are much more expensive and could set you back around £60-80 a month.

You’ll also find that the contracts are longer for these deals, so you’ll pay more overall. Most contracts offering a free laptop last for 24 months, which means you’re stuck with the same handset for the duration of your contract. Of course, you could buy a sim free handset part way through your contract, but this is very expensive to do!

Is it Worth it?

For those looking for a new laptop who simply don’t have the money to invest in one, this is a great way to do it. You might pay a bit more per month for your phone contract and be tied into a 24 month deal, but you don’t need to pay upfront for a new laptop or take out finance which could charge you hundreds of pounds in interest.

Phone and free laptop deals are great for those who aren’t as concerned about monthly cost or lengthy contracts and would like to choose the latest laptop for free!
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